I am having trouble registering

You must have a Jewson Account to be eligible for Juice by Jewson. If you have any questions, please contact the rewards team: info@juicerewards.co.uk or 01509 410730.

Partner Card Accounts

Unfortunately you cannot register to Juice with a Partner Card Account. You will need to upgrade to an individual account to get access.

The following customers are excluded from Juice as standard:

  • National accounts
  • Public sector
  • Staff and internal accounts
  • Other distributors of building materials
  • Customers with an existing rebate
  • Non-account holders

How can I change my account details?

Need to make a change? Simply click on My Account from the top navigation to view your details & update. If there is anything you want to update that is not editable, please contact Credit services on 0844 3358835.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply pick-up a leaflet in-branch and register the attached card online at juicerewards.co.uk. Alternatively, head straight to juicerewards.co.uk to register and we’ll pop your card in the post.

Don’t worry. We won’t be sending you spam. All the Juice information you need will be sent via email & text message. If you don’t register your contact details with us, we can’t let you know about special offers, deals & benefits. We don’t want you to miss out do we?

As part of the registration process you will receive an email from Juice asking you to confirm your email address & registration. You’re not a member of the programme until you have confirmed your email address.

Click on the forgotten password / username links under the login fields & follow the process. Alternatively contact the rewards team: info@juicerewards.co.uk or 01509 410730.

How does Juice work?

Every time you trade with Jewson, we’ll give you points you can spend on a range of exciting rewards and experiences. The more points you earn, the more exclusive deals & benefits you receive.

How do I earn points?

It’s simple. For every £1 you spend on collect and delivered products from Jewson, and tool hire you will receive 1 point. From time to time we’ll also treat you to extra points on specific products.

Do I have to register my orders to claim the points?

No, we do everything for you automatically.